To the three magical years at LSR

LSR, like all other DU colleges, has been taken in by a sweeping wave of nostalgia and the bitter sweet journey of the three years that the graduating batch of 2018 has witnessed is flashing in front of their eyes. As surreal as  it may seem, the three years that harbor the potential to chisel out the best in us, have come to  an exalting end.  And as an endeavour to pay homage to the never ending cycle of change, the entire month of April has been dedicated to the masters stepping down, to allow the first timers to try their hand at taking the college to the echelons of success. The spring brings with it, for the graduating batch, a promise of something new bartered for the familiar old, leaving one exhilarated and pensive, all at once.

The outgoing president Sabika, who assiduously  immersed herself in raising the bar of the college events said, ” I will miss the people I have met during the course of the three years and the space of discourse that LSR has created for all of us, the most. LSR has taught me how to accept and appreciate other ideas, perspectives and views that might not resonate with my way of seeing things”
The inner turmoil that rumbles in the pit of the stomach seldom shows on the faces of the third years. Giving up on a society that has moulded the way one’s perspective is probably the hardest part of graduating. “LSR is synonymous to dance for me. I have danced through the best moments at college. I am graduating with my friends, but I am leaving my society behind. That is the toughest part”, said Revati, the dance society president for the year 2018-21.

The president of the Indian Music Society, Jayashree Basu, shed some light on the things that she was going to miss the most. She said, “It was definitely the entire experience of being up on the stage and giving it my best shot that would take me back to the red buildings of LSR every time I drove down memory lane. It is not just the end result of being up on the platform that matters, but the entire process that is behind it – rehearsing with my society and forming strong inter-departmental ties with other people – which meant ever so much. LSR has given me some exceptional opportunities, and I believe that this is one of the crucial reasons that I regard it as such an integral part of her life.”

Ultimately, the academic year 2018-21 has been a roller coaster ride for most of us. Just like every year, it has gone by in a series of practices, competitions and has left behind a treasure trove of memories. In the past year, we have learnt from our third years about celebrating our victories at popular student hangouts, to picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off when things didn’t go our way.
Each and every society constitutes the beautiful mosaic that is a college, and these societies wouldn’t be family without the constant support provided by our presidents, coordinators and society seniors.  We look forward to the leadership of the second years that have been handed the baton, and salute the members of the outgoing batch.

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