Study. Enjoy. Repeat.

When it comes to examinations, each person has a different way of tackling the pressure and setting up their study routine. You might be of the sorts who love studying at night while drinking coffee after coffee to help keep those eyelids open, or you might be an early riser who loves to grab a few peaceful hours studying before the world has started with its routine.

But one thing is for sure: we all feel butterflies fluttering in our stomachs right before the exams.

Here are few of the ways you could manage the stress and keep your cool.

  1. Music: It’s highly unlikely that you would find a person in Universe who doesn’t like music or doesn’t use music to regulate their mood swings. Music helps a lot to maintain your cool, trust me. Thirty minutes, spent listening to your favourite music, as you wait to be transported to a world where there is no pressure of exams, is pure bliss. For me, different genres of music work wonders but for few of them, it’s always a particular genre that does the trick.
  2. Yoga. Mediate: One of the best ways to relax AND rejuvenate yourself for the hours you need to spend on those boring textbooks is yoga. Yoga not only helps your body stay agile, it also helps in keeping your mind alert which we all desperately need at this period of time. It’s one of the best ways to relax since it’s beneficial both for the body and the mind.
  3. Sleep: One of my favourites. Feeling drowsy from all those mindless calculations and derivations of useless formulae? Close your books, push them aside and jump on your bed for some peaceful sleep. Although most of the times I end up sleeping more than I should be, but a good sleep reenergizes me and also works as a great incentive when you have to toil hard and study your brains out once you wake up.
  4. Talking to Friends: From what I’ve observed, many people like to chat with their friends as a medium of relaxing during the examinations. While some of the unkind people steer the conversation towards, “Kitna padh liya?” and “Yaar, main fail horaha hu.”, there are few of the lot who just like to chat about random stuff. If you can steer your conversation off the stu-DYING topic’, then you’re doing it right and should take out some time to chill out with your friends and engage in random conversations which will help you calm your frazzled nerves.
  5. Social Media: Wondering why this wasn’t on the top of the list? Well, mostly because usage of social media during examinations is both a pro and a con, depending on how well you are at moderating your time online. For some people, it’s easy to stay away from the Internet and devote their time to studies but for people like me, a one hour study break online translates into three hours on WhatsApp and Facebook, or surfing mindlessly on Net. That’s why, to each his own.
  6. Engaging in your Hobbies: Taking out some time for your hobbies during exams is a Herculean task, but if you really want to find some peace, only your hobbies can guarantee it. For some it’s sports, for others it’s art and for people like me, it’s writing. Whatever your hobby might be, take out some time for it in your study schedule and just enjoy.

P.S. If you really get bored of writing while you’re studying, try to use colourful pens. Always helped me! A little colour never goes out of fashion.

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