Guide to a stress-free exam season!

In these days leading up to your end semester exams, envying your peers who might have gotten lucky owing to their timely global citizenry tasks which may have fetched them those action journey tickets to the “Global Citizen Festival” in Mumbai isn’t going to prove fruitful for you. As hard as it sounds, or just chuck it, for this is not the time you learn to revel in your peers’ happiness. Instead avoid yourself from scanning your friends’ Facebook timeline for the sake of your sanity and continue to be or maybe start being a ever-nourished optimist who believes that such opportunities will be abundant. After all, there is evidence to believe that a visit to India leaves Chris Martin, “Feeling Drunk and High! So High! So High!” Maybe the next concert will be in Punjab to suit these intoxication needs!

The end semester exams are less than a week away, the hourglass is emptying itself and as the sand escapes the hourglass, you should be able to see more clearly and realistically and realize the folly of your utopian plan of completing the syllabus for such times are not meant to be treaded across heroically as that may result in catastrophe. Instead do what can be done, systematize and prioritize, google your doubts, google your readings, bookmark Sparksnotes and Brittanica encyclopedia and learn to be a smart learner.

In stressful times as these, quick and intense bouts of detoxification are needed especially for humanities students. Do whatever suits you best, engage in a lively sport, run around, dance to the beats of Coldplay (that just adds to the envy doesn’t it?), or watch your favorite T.V. shows, watch some inspirational movies, or go for something light hearted if you must, something that will make you laugh your heart out and basically replenish your spirit for the upcoming bouts of rote-learning.

Even if you don’t feel confident about the upcoming semester exams, just remember that your marks in your graduation don’t really hold much importance in the future unless you’re looking for a job straight after your graduation, Even then, experience dictates me to focus more on my extra-curricular activities as a good resume is held in high regard by prospective employers. Those looking to go for masters after their graduation would be pleased to know that in today’s time, most of the universities are refurbishing their selection criteria and are now conducting entrance exams along with assigning weightage to your extra-curricular activities but rarely do they consider a good GPA as mandatory to fit the standards of their esteemed universities. So don’t get bogged down by the fear of failure these semester exams and do as well as you can.

In the end, keeping in mind that you have to attempt just 4 out of those 7 or 8 questions, if you’ve always been a lucky child, there’s no reason not to believe that it won’t happen again. So Happy Studying and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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